Monday, 23 March 2015


A little bit boyish for today's look!
I don't know why, I don't feel so feminine when I used these stripes tee, even when I used it with a skirt. (should I call these as baseball uniform look-alike?)

I also wore my black leather snapback today. I prefer reverse it into the back of my head.

I also used this leather backpack to add more sporty look. 
Unfortunately, my friend said that I looked like an elementary school's student when I used backpack *sigh*. What do you guys think?

After took these photos, I had dinner at Nando's in Plaza Singapore. I ordered Angry Mango Burger in hot PERi PERi level (yes! they serve 5 different levels of heat) with potato wedges and garlic bread as side dishes. Basically, I'm a big fan of any kind of burgers. I love the taste of this burger because they combine PERi PERi chicken with diced mango which create spicy and fresh flavour at the same time in my mouth. The side dishes are also tasty. The potato wedges are pretty crunchy in the outside yet delicate inside. For the garlic bread, it's unexpectedly made of hamburger's bun, when the general garlic bread is made of baguette. For the taste, It's about the same, but not as crisp as the baguette's one. This portion is quite big. I cannot finish all by myself. By the way, the price for this burger and 2 reg sides is about $15.50++.

   Melianachen <3

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Art of Doing Nothing

I used to hate staying at home for a whole day because I think it's kinda boring. However, I don't know why, it seems like I love to stay in my bedroom when I have spare time recently. I'm starting to find the meaning of "the art of doing nothing". I find out it's quite interesting to spend the whole day in my bedroom because I can chill, relax, play game, or even think about life. Does anyone love to do so?

Today I had a quick lunch. I just visited a restaurant, take this OOTD pictures, and then come back to home. It just took about two hours. Yah, it seems like nothing special for today.

Hat - H&M
Jumpsuit - The Editors Market

   Melianachen <3

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Holiday is Over

Today is my first day in the new trimester. I kinda have a love-hate relationship with this trimester, because this is my last term. When you are about to finish your bachelor, it means you should determine the next critical step in your life, either taking master or finding a job. This also happens to me.

I know, university life is pretty different with school life. You have to put more efforts and time in order to complete your tests and assignments. I often stay up until dawn because of it. No wonder I have the expensive bags under my eyes (read: eyebags).

Indeed, they give enough time for us to finish it, but I don't know why my brain works way better when the deadline of the submission is coming closer. Does anyone have the same problem like me?

By the way, today I'm wearing white studded shirt. Since I don't know the condition of the air conditioning in my class today, so I coat it with my super comfy grey sweater. Sometimes I roll up my sweater's sleeves to create more sporty looks. I got the perfect combination here because it's not too thin or thick. I also paired it with maroon pants to add more colours. 

And because this is the first day of class, I just need to bring paper, pen, wallet and tab inside my not-so-thick postman bag.

Melianachen <3

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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Black and white will never go wrong

Hi everyone!
Welcome to my first post :)

Basically, I love to take photos of everything, either foods, fashion, make-ups, myself, or any random things that I find. Therefore, I'm start to think "why don't I create a blog? Besides to store all the memories, I also can share it to everyone, right? Moreover, I also can make new friends with everyone around the world. It think it will be so fun!"

Well, I used to feel a little hesitant to create a blog, since I usually have no time due to so many exams and assignments in my uni. I were afraid I could not maintain and update my blog well and ended up with poor quality blog. But now, since I have more spare time in my last trimester, I will have more time for my blog. *Yayyy!*

When in doubt, use black and white. To tell you the truth, sometimes I'm confused in matching my colourful tops with pants. Thus, I am more likely to use black or white tops and dress. I can style it with any colourful hat, shoes, bags, and accessories. 

Do you guys recognize the pattern of my top? 

Yes, it's actually the long black cats!
To be honest with you, I'm not a fan of any kind of animals. However, I love the appearance of this pattern on my top <3<3<3

I paired my style with my maroon shoes.

Red bowler hat has becoming my favourite hat since years ago. People who follow me on Instagram and Facebook will be familiar with this hat because I have posted some photos when using it. I don't know why, I always feel this red hat is very eye-catching that makes my photos are more alive. Is it just me or do you guys think so? :p

   Melianachen <3

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